Student Teaching

I am so lucky to be student teaching this semester, Spring 2017! I have been placed at McNair Elementary School in Denton, Texas under principal Mrs. Lacey Hailey and assistant principal Mrs. Martha Velez.

I was so privileged to have Lindsey Davidson as my mentor teacher for the first rotation. Mrs. Davidson taught first grade and currently serves as the ESL Interventionist and an instructional coach at McNair. I love working alongside her and learn so much every day! As an ESL Interventionist, I got to work with students at both McNair and E.P. Rayzor. We provided one-on-one support and remediation for students considered to be at-risk, and these pull-out sessions focused on various literacy activities. I became an expert at running records, and I worked so hard on building comprehension and fluency that one of my fourth graders wrote me a sweet note thanking me for never giving up on her “fllowwinssee.”

I hit the jackpot for the second time when I landed with Elizabeth Hall in first grade for my second rotation. Mrs. Hall’s calm yet firm behavioral management and impeccable organization are continual influences on me. I love working with our 18 precious first graders, many of whom receive special education or ESL services. I learn so much every day, and coming to work is an absolute joy.