St. Andrew’s School

The year after I graduated with my BA, I completed a year of national service through the Episcopal Service Corps’s Grace-on-the-Hill program. (A fun note: this community is known as GOTH, which led to many confusing stories that year.) I lived in intentional poverty with five other young adults, and we each served a nonprofit in the greater Richmond, Virginia area. It was a transformational year in so many ways.

I was placed at St. Andrew’s School, a private school for children whose families are no more than 200 percent above the poverty line. Every student receives a full scholarship, and despite the students’ disadvantages in life, the school strives to provide a world-class education to them. There was a huge emphasis on whole-child learning, social/emotional learning, and on trying new things.

My official title at the school was “instructional assistant,” but I did so many things that it overwhelms me to list them all on a resume! To be frank, it’d probably take up the entire paper. In order to provide you with a snapshot of what I did and learned, I’ve posted several blogs about the experience. You’ll find them all here or on this page:

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