I’m Kate McPherson, and I love to learn.

(I always have, actually.)

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I was always one of those kids who just “got” school. Although I was very quiet and introverted in elementary school, I truly enjoyed being in a classroom. I was a sponge, soaking up every little bit of knowledge I could get.

I loved hands-on science experiments and once had what must be the world’s longest-running elementary science fair project where I observed different conditions and exothermal reactions in a giant compost pile in our backyard. This, naturally, resulted in all sorts of pests invading our house – but it also instilled in me curiosity and perseverance.

I graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Oklahoma in 2014 with my B.A. in journalism. I was drawn to journalism because I am so intently curious: I love finding out about people and understanding their perspectives on complex situations. And while I pursued all sorts of jobs that supported my writing ambitions, I found that all of my spare time was devoted to helping other people learn. I wasn’t an education major, but I volunteered every single week in a fourth-grade classroom, tutored honors students on the finer points of argumentative essays, worked with young children in church nurseries, and even created a summer internship for myself writing grants and creating supporting documents for a kindergarten team at a Title I school in my hometown.

As much as I love to write, something in me knew journalism wasn’t my career path. After graduation from OU, I pursued a year of national service through the Episcopal Service Corps. I lived in intentional community in Richmond, Virginia and worked as the all-level instructional assistant at St. Andrew’s School, a tuition-free private school for children of poverty. I adored my time at SAS and was mentored closely by faculty. At the school, it began to click: my love of learning, ability to communicate effectively, and passion for educational equality combine to make me a natural teacher.


After completing my term of service, I headed home to the University of North Texas, where I am currently pursuing my master’s in ESL elementary education. I adore finding out more about how to convey my love of learning to all students – because a passion for education truly transcends language barriers.

To supplement my growth during this program, I started substituting for Denton ISD. I worked almost every day and really enjoyed the challenge of getting to know classrooms and making sure students’ educations didn’t lapse because their teacher was gone. I was hired mid-year to be the library aide at my alma mater, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, an absolutely amazing gig that opened so many opportunities for me. At Wilson, I ran fourth- and fifth-grade Library Clubs, led a group of kindergartners in after-school STEAM Club and co-developed the digital citizenship curriculum adopted in library lessons.

I am currently completing my student teaching at Ronald McNair Elementary School with the mentorship of Mrs. Lindsey Davidson. We provide support to all sorts of English language learners. It’s cliche but true: every single day is an adventure!