My Educational Philosophy

I am a teacher who believes in the whole-child approach. I believe that every aspect of my students matters because they themselves matter. Students cannot learn until they feel safe and secure, and my classroom provides that security for them by being a consistent, loving, and fair place for them to grow. Elementary school students in particular benefit greatly from rich, expansive academic, social-emotional, creative, and cognitive approaches to learning. This is reflected in my classroom through my responsive classroom philosophy, starting each day with a morning meeting, and building positive, respectful community throughout the year.

I am a teacher who knows that positive relationships are key. Building positive rapport and relationships with each child allows me to truly know each and every student: their passions, struggles, behaviors, and feelings. This allows me to differentiate instruction accordingly and to ensure classroom management is positive and effective. One key way that differentiation can occur is through the workshop model, which enables me to provide students with the extensions and interventions they personally need to succeed. Collecting data and records also helps to ensure that all students’ needs are met.


Positive relationships between teacher and home support as well as within the school community also set students up for success. I know that communicating with parents and allowing them to see the amazing people their children are allows them to provide additional support at home and allows parents and guardians to become true partners in their child’s education. Parents are their children’s first teacher, and I can harness that wealth of knowledge by building positive relationships.


I am a teacher who knows teaching is one of the most important professions. I do not take that knowledge lightly. Being a teacher means modeling that learning never ends. I strive to constantly be improving and to seek out opportunities for new growth on a regular basis.


Most importantly, I am a teacher who knows that every child can learn. As the saying goes, not every child learns in the same way – but every single child can learn and grow to their full potential. By providing appropriate challenges for each student and instilling in them a desire to grow no matter their level, I will instill a lifelong love of learning in each student who passes through my classroom doors.


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