Hello from first grade!

Due to a mix-up somewhere along the line, it was unclear if I would be able to student teach in a traditional classroom – I was never assigned to one, and there was a hiccup when it came to remedying that problem. Luckily, the stars all aligned, and I was able to become Mrs. Hall’s first grade student teacher the week before spring break.

I spent a lot of my time in my previous rotation serving older students, so it definitely was a shock to move down with the six-year-olds! They are a different animal entirely, but I truly have loved it.

I spent the first week observing procedures and helping when difficult behavioral situations arose. As a former journalist, I am extremely observant: a skill I have both naturally and honed in journalism school. I used to joke that I could find out anything about anyone, but I realize now how very useful being observant is in education. I am finding that I’m able to quickly pick up phrases and routines that teachers use. This means that when I observe in classrooms, I am constantly filing away things to use in my future classroom. I learn constantly! I feel so fortunate to be a in room where I am learning best practices all day long.

This week, I’ve been teaching phonics and helping plan instruction for next week. Something unique about this first grade team is that they have weekly planning meetings and work very hard to share ideas. I love that! The collaboration is really fun to be a part of because you can definitely see how it benefits the students in a real, tangible way. I’m definitely enjoying my first grade adventure so far, and can’t wait to see where else it will take me!


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