Making the most of push-in support time

Push-in support is such an interesting animal! I am entirely at the mercy of the classroom schedule and must balance my needs (intervening with the kids who really need it) with the needs of the teacher.

I really enjoy the interventions I am able to do in Mrs. Dobbs’ kindergarten classroom. I intervene during Daily 5 time, so her students are using the workshop model and are already doing differentiated activities. This makes it really easy to see what my students are struggling with and to help them in areas where they need to grow.

One of my students, B, is on her second go-around of kindergarten. She is doing a great job identifying and writing sight words, and I really want to build on the momentum she has there. I have also observed over the course of my semester with her that writing has gotten easier for her. Therefore, I added a new goal to the goal currently set in the front of her daily writing journal.


Writing two sentences about the same thing proved tricky for B. After allowing her to practice independently, I realized that she was not really understanding the concept. I then taught a guided lesson, which I videoed.

I plan to continue working on this skill with B for the remainder of my time with her. However, because I placed a formal learning target in the front of her journal, everyone who writes with her now knows this is what she should be working toward. This will make transition for my mentor teacher much easier, I hope.


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